6 Places to Go for Emergency Cash Assistance

There are multitudes of reasons you will need emergency cash assistance in your life.  Some could be prevented with a little planning, and others just slap you in the face with no way of seeing it coming.  Thinking about where you would go for cash assistance for emergencies ahead of time could turn your panic moment into a manageable problem.


The obvious go to place for money is your family.  However, this is probably the worst idea because it puts unneeded strain on your relationship.  If something was to go wrong and you couldn’t pay them back there will be weird tension between you.  Often the borrower quits talking to their family when they owe them money.  Even if you say that would never happen to your family just think about how you would feel if it did.  It’s really not worth it.

Government Programs

Government ran programs like FEMA have an ECA program for many situations.  The best place to start is at your local social services office.  The staff in these offices are trained in researching government programs to find you ECA for anything from job loss, natural disaster, illness, or crime.


Banks are in the business of lending money.  If you need a large amount of money, but feel you will have the means to pay it back you should consider the traditional financing options.  This isn’t the best option if time is an issue because traditional brick and mortar banks are very slow at decision making and getting you the cash you need.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are excellent options if the amount of money you require is relatively small compared to your income.  You’ll be able to walk away with the cash you need in less than an hour in many cases.  The fee can be a bit hefty, but you have bigger fish to fry than worrying about a few extra bucks.


There is a charity for almost any worldly concern.  It doesn’t matter if your issue seems embarrassing, socially unacceptable, or even petty there is likely a charity or organization that understands your problem and may be willing to assist.  You just have to eat a piece of humble pie and ask for some cash assistance.


If you are a member of a church and are willing to admit your issues to your pastor, the church will probably raise funds to assist you with your trouble.  This is kind of the purpose of the church to build a community that assists each other.  I wouldn’t recommend joining a church for the sole purpose of getting financial help.  I’m pretty sure some higher powers may frown on this practice.

If you’re concerned about needing cash assistance in the future, you might just want to start saving an emergency fund now.  Usually six months of living expenses will cover any emergency you might have.  Until the point you can save that much money you need to think about where you’ll go for money when you need it.


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